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How many times the last years you read "big mouth" words coming from black metal bands? Most of them claim leadership of the scene, total supreme evilness and tons of other lame statements. For NECROMANTIA there's no need of flattering description or super evil imagery. Since their beginning in 1989, their main focus was their music which is based on the use of 8 string bass (instead of rhythm guitars) and their fascination and devotion to the occult. Devilish occultism and vampiric mysticism is the core of the moods and feelings created by NECROMANTIA's music. The new album "IV: Malice" is a first in the face of contemporary black metal. It is violent, aggressive and twisted the way that NECROMANTIA know how do it! It is a proof that black metal is not pseudo-romantic gothic tunes but violence, brutality, sinister melodies, majestic atmosphere and most of all powerful metal feeling and creativity.
Malice has just arrived...
Embrace it...
NECROMANTIA brand new t-shirts - 06/12/02
LEDO TAKAS productions from Lithuania The same label which printed "IV Malice" on vinyl) will print brand new killer t-shirts by the end of December! Limited availability!!!!
For more info: http://www.ledotakas.com

First 2 albums out on limited digipack! - 17/07/02
OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS will release "Croosing the fiery path" and "Scarlet evil,witching black" together in a limited digi-pack of 1500 copies entitled "Cults of the Shadow". It will be out in October 14th! Pre-order your copies from: http://www.osmoseproductions.com

THOU ART LORD are back! - 16/07/02
The notorious project of The Magus (NECROMANTIA) and Sakis (ROTTING CHRIST) have been reformed for a one-shot album! This time the team has been reinforced by Spiros and Akis (SEPTIC FLESH).The album will be entitled "DV8" and it will be released in November!

MP3 - 7/13/2002
Now you can download our mp3s - http://www.necromantia.cjb.net/mp3.shtml

MALICE ON VINYL! - 05/07/02
The vinyl edition of "IV:Malice" is out now, limited in 666 copies, including lyrics and bonus track and with a totally new layout from LEDO TAKAS PRODUCTIONS!
GET YOUR COPY NOW FROM: http://www.ledotakas.com

Alive again - 7/4/2002
Now we have new address: http://www.necromantia.tk

The latest release of NECROMANTIA, 'Covering evil-12 years doing the Devil`s work' (double cd featuring one new song, 4 covers - IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, OMEN, RUNNING WILD - and a best of cd) is selling very well and it is limited to 3000 copies! Few hundres left!

Contact BLACK LOTUS RECORDS ( blacklotusrecs@hotmail.com ) for your copY! Harry up! Your soul is lost anyway since you entered this site.......

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Older stuff and merchandise of the band can be purchased from OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS.
Everithing else can be purchased from BLACK LOTUS RECORDS.

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