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How many times the last years you read "big mouth" words coming from black metal bands? Most of them claim leadership of the scene, total supreme evilness and tons of other lame statements. For NECROMANTIA there's no need of flattering description or super evil imagery. Since their beginning in 1989, their main focus was their music which is based on the use of 8 string bass (instead of rhythm guitars) and their fascination and devotion to the occult. Devilish occultism and vampiric mysticism is the core of the moods and feelings created by NECROMANTIA's music. The new album "IV: Malice" is a first in the face of contemporary black metal. It is violent, aggressive and twisted the way that NECROMANTIA know how do it! It is a proof that black metal is not pseudo-romantic gothic tunes but violence, brutality, sinister melodies, majestic atmosphere and most of all powerful metal feeling and creativity.
Malice has just arrived...
Embrace it...
WORKING THE NEW OPUS! - 10/16/2001
The band is working on the new album which will probably be a concept based on the presence of Evil through the history of mankind. Quite possibly some members of the British black metal band AKERCOCKE will appear on the album as special guests!

Site working! - X.16.2001
New site of Necromantia - working.

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